Asteroid Vesta Meteorite Lot, Six Vestan Micromounts


This is a lot of six (6) meteorite micromounts. All six specimens are of the H.E.D.O. (HED) class of Vestan meteorites. The so-called "HEDO" group consists of several related achondrites which originate from the same asteroid - 4 Vesta. As one of the largest bodies in the main asteroid belt, Vesta is one of the few asteroids visible to naked eye on Earth under the right conditions. Vesta is a failed planet that started to settle into layers. The different types of HEDO meteorites represent the different layers of Vesta's geology.

Howardite meteorites represent the top-soil layer of Vesta - the fine regolith dust and fragments that cover the surface of the asteroid. This regolith often contains remnants of foreign impactors that have struck the surface of Vesta over time.

Eucrite meteorites represent a magmatic type of upper mantle material that is the bedrock that the upper regolith sits upon. Most of the eucritic material on Vesta is under the surface, but some has been exposed by impacts.

Diogenite meteorites represent the deeper mantle material that is underneath the eucrite layer. It is usually more altered, oxidized, and compacted than the eucrite and howardite material above it. Like eucrites, most diogenite material resides deep under the current surface of Vesta, but some has been exposed or ejected by impact events.

Olivine Diogenite meteorites represent the deepest mantle material currently known to science. This odd material is mostly crystalline in nature and is the result of extreme heat and pressure.

In this lot of micromounts, you get the following meteorites from Vesta :

1) NWA 2060 (Howardite, found in the Sahara in 2003)

2) NWA 10501 (Eucrite, diabasic shocked breccia, Morocco 2015)

3) Tirhert (Eucrite, unbrecciated, witnessed fall from Morocco 2014)

4) NWA 2949 (Eucrite, found in the Sahara in 2005)

5) NWA 6577 (Eucrite, polymict, Morocco 2011)

6) NWA 7831 (Diogenite, found in the Western Sahara in 2013)

Refer to the photo. The brass centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a lot of six (6) micromounts like the ones shown. You get all 6 Vestan meteorites listed above. Each specimen comes with a labeled gemjar. Note, each micromount fragment is unique and your specimens may vary slightly in appearance from the photo.