Brenham, Classic American Pallasite Meteorite, Micromount


Brenham is a pallasite meteorite that was first recovered from the rural farmfields of Kansas in 1882. Over the years, several tons of individuals and fragments have been recovered. It is a metal-rich pallasite with some pieces that almost entirely metal. It is also known for having large olivine crystals. I acquired some large loose olivines an fragments from a dealer who cut a mass into slices. These olivines broke free from the mass during cutting. Some of these olivines are quite large, measure a half-gram or more. Almost all weigh at least several carats. Some have very nice color and clarity. Some have attached metal. These would be ideal for jewelry-making.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a single (1) large olivine selected from the larger lot shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage. You will receive the largest specimen remaining in the lot.