Brenham Pallasite Silver Necklace, Stunning Celestial Stained Glass


This stunning pendant is made from a genuine pallasite meteorite set in sterling silver. The meteorite is a thin slice of Brenham pallasite, which was first recovered from a Kansas farm in 1882. This specimen has been professionally cut, polished, and stabilized to reveal the beauty of this meteorite and ensure it will remain rust free for many years to come. Pallasite is a stony-iron meteorite that comes from the core-mantle area of a large asteroid. It consists of a nickel-iron matrix studded with olivine (peridot) crystals. These semi-precious crystals are natural celestial gemstones and they glow with a brilliant amber-yellow color when lit from behind by a bright light source.

This pendant measures approx. 1 inch in length (~25mm) x .25 inch wide (~6mm) and has a .925% silver bail. You also get a matching silver chain that hangs 12-inches when worn.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the pendant shown and necklace chain shown. The pendant weighs 1 gram, or approx. 5 carats. You purchase will include a labeled acrylic gemjar for safe storage.