Cigar Box Meteorite Collection, Over Two Kilos of Space Rocks



This is a premium cigar box filled with over two kilograms (approx. 2018 grams or nearly 4.5 pounds) of unclassified stony meteorites. Previously, I have offered kilo-sized lots of meteorites in a cigar box, but this is the largest and nicest lot I have offered to date. The box is almost double the size of previous boxes, and it holds double the typical amount of meteorites. For cigar connoisseurs, this box of 32 cigars costs over $800 when purchased new. Although the cigars are not included. you get all the paper work and inserts from Arturo Fuente - the color presentation card, the humidor packet, and the black ribbon. This is by far, the classiest box of meteorites you will find.

The meteorites were recovered from the Saharan Desert in the early 1990's and have resided in a single collection since their sale now. I acquired these directly from the owner who bought them on an expedition to Morocco in the days just prior to the gold rush of so-called "NWA" meteorites. These stones were hand-picked from a larger lot of five kilograms. Many of these stones have desert varnish and some have fusion crust.  All of them are uncut and have only been lightly cleaned with a soft brush to remove sand and dust.

The storage box is a wooden cigar box from the Arturo Fuente Opus X Reserva De Chateau brand of cigars. This is a premium brand of cigars and a full box of these cigars costs $800. In this case, you get the heavy box that is made of wood and has brass hardware. This is not a cheapie box of thin or fake wood. It still has the original color lid insert.

Judging by appearances and magnetic attraction, the majority of these meteorites are L and H chondrites. Some show chondrules on the surface and many of these might be worth cutting open or slicing. There is a total of 2018 grams of stones (a little over 1 kilogram). Some of these are small and would be great for gifting. Others are larger and would make nice hand specimens. Others have features that might make them good for cutting or slicing.

Refer to the photos. You are purchasing the box and all of the meteorites shown. The box and meteorites will be packed well for shipping.