Claxton Display, Rare Georgia Mailbox Smasher Meteorite



On the afternoon of December 10, 1984, a whistling sound and a boom were heard by several neighbors near the rural Georgia town of Claxton. The sound was a grapefruit-sized stone meteorite striking and destroying the mailbox of a resident. To this day, it remains the only meteorite ever recovered from the fall and very little made it to the collector market. It was later classified as a L6 chondrite and these tiny samples originate from that hammer stone. Your sample comes inside a 4 x 3 (inches) display box with glass lid. The display contains a photo print of the mailbox the meteorite destroyed.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a tiny fragment with a display like the one shown.
From the Meteoritical Bulletin entry :



Place of fall: About 10 km SE. of Claxton, Evans County, Georgia, USA.

32°6'9'N., 81°52'22"W.

Date of fall: December 10, 1984, 1730 hrs.

Class and type: Stone. Olivine-hypersthene chondrite (L6). Olivine Fa25.4.

Number of individual

specimens: 1 recovered, possibly others fell.

Total weight: 1455 g

Circumstances of fall: A grapefruit sized stone, completely covered with thin black fusion crust, fell damaging a metal mail box and making a depression less than 30 cm in diameter in loose dirt. Two persons standing 36 m from where it landed and two others inside a mobile home about 20 m away reported a whistling sound followed by crash and a thud as the stone fell.

Source: SEAN Bulletin, 1984, 9, no. 11; H. Povenmire, Florida Fireball Patrol, 215 Osage Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida 32937, USA.