Dominican Amber Cabochons with Insect Inclusions

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This is one (1) polished cabochon of fossil Dominican Amber. This amber comes from mines in the Dominican Republic and is approx. 25 million years old.

I acquired a small number of cabochons and some of them have imperfections such as fine scratches, scuffs, a crack, or other polishing imperfections. Each piece also has inclusions which include insects and plants. I am not an expert in paleo-insects, so I cannot identify what exact species is present in some of these pieces, but I do see what appears to be small ants or flie larvae.

These pieces would be ideal for study with a loupe or microscope. They would also make good pendants, rings, or jewelry if you provide the right mountings.

This offer is for one of the cabs shown in the photo. The photo shows the entire lot of eight that I have available. You are getting one piece from the lot and unless you specify your tastes, I will select the best one for you of the remaining cabs available. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.

Refer to the photo. The 1-cm scale cube and ruler are shown for size comparison and are not included. You get one (1) of the cabs shown.