Dominican Amber with Insect Inclusion and Flow Feature


This is a polished specimen of fossil Dominican Amber. This amber comes from mines in the Dominican Republic and is approx. 25 million years old.

This piece has an inclusion which appears to be an insect of some kind. I am not an expert in paleo-insects, so I cannot identify what exact species is present. There is also an odd swirl or loop feature that appears to be the result of flow or air during formation.

This piece would be ideal for study with a loupe or microscope. It would also make a good pendant or ring in the right mounting.

Refer to the photo. The 1-cm scale cube and ruler are shown for size comparison and are not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. It measures approx. 12mm x 14mm x 11m and weighs approx. .953 gram. Your purchase will include an ID label and gemjar.