Dominican Amber with Insect Inclusions, Polished Cabochon


This is a polished specimen of fossil Dominican Amber. This amber comes from mines in the Dominican Republic and is approx. 25 million years old.

This piece has multiple small insect inclusions. I am not an expert in paleo-insects, so I cannot identify what exact species is present, but I do see what appears to be small ants or flie larvae.

This piece would be ideal for study with a loupe or microscope. It would also make a good pendant or ring in the right mounting.

Refer to the photo. The 1-cm scale cube and ruler are shown for size comparison and are not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. It measures approx. 21mm x 11mm x 5mm and weighs approx. .681 gram. Your purchase will include an ID label and gemjar.