Fossil Pay Dirt

These are boxes of fossil "paydirt". Each box contains a quantity of sand, pebbles, shells, and fossils from the famous Bone Valley Formation in southern Florida. Every box contains Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene fossils from both land and marine mammals. These fossils span a period of time from 13,000 (thousand) to approx. 23,000,000 (million) years ago. Fossils from this period in Bone Valley contain shark teeth (including the Megalodon), Mammoth, Mastodon, Smilodon, Dire Wolf, Giant Sloth, Glyptodont, Crocodile, and the extinct ancient ancestors of horse, camel, bison, and bear. The fossils are buried in a large quantity of sand and pebbles. Dig through the box and uncover the fossils to clean off and identify. You get all of the fun and reward of fossil hunting, without having to brave the dark rivers full of snakes and alligators to find the fossils. Note - these boxes are heavy and are shipped to US buyers only. Buyers outside the US, please contact me prior to purchasing to discuss shipping options.