Geological Fossil Graptolites Set, 12 Professional Specimens, Ordovician


This is a set of professionally-prepared, geological fossil graptolite specimens. There are 12 different genera represented. They are mostly Ordovician, but represent multiple localities. This set is from the 2010 retail catalog of Geological Enterprises Inc. - a source of professional grade fossil and mineral specimens for over 50 years. This set is NOS (New Old Stock). The specimens are brand new and have never been removed from their original packaging. Each piece is thumbnail-sized to hand-sized, wrapped in tissue paper with an ID card, and taped into a bundle. I carefully opened a couple of them to inspect their quality and condition, and they were exceptional. The set includes a storage box.

Purchased individually, these specimens sold for anywhere from $5 to $10 each. I am offering the entire unopened set for lower than the original retail price. These are ideal for advanced collectors, teachers, or research.

Refer to the photos. The ruler and black centimeter cube are shown for scale and are not included. You are purchasing the entire set of specimens shown. You get 12 specimen bundles with ID cards.