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Holey Stone Relic, Large Face or Skull with Natural Eye Holes


Holey Stones are rocks that have a naturally-formed hole through them. Some cultures consider these to be good luck. Believers in magick and ancient religions (animists, pagans and wiccans) consider holey stones to have powerful positive energies. In these belief systems, one can perceive the Fey realm by looking through the hole. Others believe that Holey Stones have healing powers, psychic energies, or bestow protection upon the bearer. 

Holey stones have been called many things - men-an-tol, an-cloc consanta, crick stones, fairy stones, hag stones and Odin stones. Some modern Holey Stones have been artifically drilled out.

This particular Holey Stone is 100% natural, undrilled and unaltered. It measures approx. 2 inches by 2.25 inches. It has two holes that go completely through. The shape of the stone is very interesting. From the front, it looks like a face or a skull and the two holes are the eyes. This one of the strangest holey rocks I have ever found and the only one that looks like a face.

You get the actual stone shown in the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included.