MAPS Journal, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Chicxulub, 11/2011

MAPS Journal, Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Chicxulub, 11/2011


MAPS is the official academic journal of the Meteoritical Society.  The Meteoritical Society is the world's leading body that governs the research and nomenclature of meteorites.  MAPS stands for "Meteoritics and Planetary Science".  In addition to meteorites, MAPS also contains papers on comets and near-Earth objects.  The majority of the contents are scientific papers about meteorites, but some of it is approachable by the advanced layman.  There are also occasional articles and book reviews.  Each journal has a heavy stock cover and is a couple of hundred pages containing a dozen or more papers.  There are charts, diagrams, tables, and photos.  The journal is available by subscription at a price of hundreds of dollars per year.  Meteoritical Society members get these journals with their memberships, and I am offering these surplus copies.

Refer to the photo.  This journal is in crisp, like-new condition with no flaws.

The issue being offered here is : Nov 2011, Volume 46, Number 11.

Cover photo : A 3-D perspective view of the Colonia structure (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Articles and papers in this issue :

* Shock experiments on anhydrite and new constraints on the impact-induced SOx release at the K-Pg boundary

* The Colonia structure, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

* Physical properties of the Yaxcopoil-1 deep drill core, Chicxulub impact structure, Mexico.

* The dynamic strength of an ordinary chondrite.

* Rock magnetic and paleomagnetic study of the Keurusselka impact structure, central Finland.

* Whole-rock Al-Mg systematics of amoeboid olivine aggregates from the oxidized CV3 carbonaceous chondrite Allende.

* Heterogeneous distributions of amino acids provide evidence of multiple sources within the Almahata Sitta parent body, asteroid 2008 TC3.

* Shock barometry of the Siljan impact structure, Sweden.

* Ejecta deposition after oblique impacts : An influence of impact scale.

* A composite Fe-Ni-FeS and enstatite-forsterite-diopside-glass vitrophyre clast in the Larkman Nunatak 04316 aubrite : Origin by pyroclastic volcanism.

* QUE 94204 : a primitive enstatite achondrite produced by the partial melting of an E chondrite-like protolith,

* Thermal history of Northwest Africa 5073 - A coarse-grained Stannern-trend eucrite containing cm-sized pyroxenes and large zircon grains,

* Shock-induced changes in density and porosity in shock-metamorphosed crystalline rocks, Haughton impact structure, Canada.