Meteorite, Large Chondrite with Fresh Fusion Crust, 3.35kg



This superb aesthetic meteorite comes from the collection of the late Ron Hartman. It was found in Algeria in early part of the Saharan Gold Rush (2003). In the many years since this recovery, meteorites of this level of quality are becoming increasingly-rare. You just don't see too many like this coming out of the Sahara now.

90% of the meteorite is covered in fresh black fusion crust that is criss-crossed with fine contraction cracks, giving it a snakeskin-like appearance up close. There is a break in the crust showing the interior matrix, which is light-colored with metal flecks and scattered chondrules. Judging by appearance, texture, and degree of magnetic attraction, this is a likely H or L type chondrite.

This meteorite would make an ideal outreach or educational specimen. It would also be the centerpiece of many collections. This is by far the largest and nicest unclassified meteorite I have ever offered to date.

Refer to the photos. This meteorite weighs 3.35 kilograms (approx. 7.4 pounds). You get the meteorite shown, the original specimen card, and my own ID card.

Note : this specimen will be double-boxed for shipping and sent with insurance and tracking.