Meteorite Micromount Lot of 16, Rare Types and Historic Falls


This is a lot of 15 (fifteen) meteorite micromounts from an old collection. Each specimen comes with a labeled gemjar. 

The following meteorites are included in this lot :

Bassikounou (H5, witnessed fall) - broken stone with fresh black crust, 1.01g
Campo del Cielo (iron) - polished crystal, .886g
Darwin Glass (impact glass) - individual, 1.11g
Ensisheim (LL6, historic fall) - micro fragment, 1mg
Imilac (pallasite) - two iron skeletons, .276g
Oum Dreyga (H3-5, witnessed fall) - crusted slice, .796g
Willamette (iron, historic find) - micro fragment, 1mg
NWA 515 (L6, early Saharan) - fragment, .681g
NWA 788 (L5/6, early Saharan) - polished part slice, .495g
NWA 1929 (howardite) - part slice, .206g
NWA 2698 (howardite) - part slice, .257g
NWA 2778 (H4 chondrite) - part slice, .389g
NWA 3151 (brachinite) - polished part slice, .213g
NWA 4300 (H5 chondrite) - polished slice, 1.32g
NWA 4473 (diogenite) - part slice, .597g

Bonus specimen : NWA 3135 (ureilite) - micro fragment, 2mg (not shown in photo)

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all of the meteorites shown.