NWA 001, Historic First NWA Meteorite, Micromount


In response to the emerging flood of meteorites flowing into labs from the first days of the Saharan Gold Rush, the overwhelmed scientists instituted the NWA dense collection area catalog to organize all of the new Saharan meteorites. Many early Saharans had no find data or dubious find locations, so rather than investigate or reject each one, they started number them NWA xxxx. This L6 chondrite recovered in 1999 from Kem Kem Morocco was the first NWA 001. There was not much of this meteorite to begin with, and now it has all been absorbed into collections. I acquired a small piece to make into micromounts. Every NWA collector should have a sample of the first NWA meteorite ever.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a small fragment like the one shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.