NWA 6926, Ungrouped Achondrite Lot, Vial of Fragments, .300g



NWA 6926 is an unusual meteorite with a yellow-green crystalline structure. This find was recovered out of the Saharan Desert in 2011. It was classified as an ungrouped achondrite with affinities to the acapulcoite and lodranite clan. This meteorite was quite fresh and composed of crystal matrix. Some regions show fluid bubble structure. Further study revealed that this meteorite originates from an unknown, differentiated parent body and may have some assocation with the CR clan of meteorites.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the glass vial of fragments shown. There are many small fragments and crumbs. The entire lot weighs a total of .3g (300mg). Your purchase will include a specimen ID label. This lot would be ideal for analysis and study.

From the Meteoritical Bulletin entry on NWA 6926 :

Northwest Africa 6926 
Purchased: Jan 2011
Classification: Ungrouped achondrite
History: Purchased in 2011 January by Gary Fujihara from a Moroccan dealer in Zagora.

Physical characteristics: Multiple small fragments (total weight 220 g) of coarse grained, yellowish-green stones (some with thin partial coatings of pale orange clay-like material).

Petrography: Very fresh specimen with cumulate igneous texture. Large oikocrysts of orthopyroxene enclose chadacrysts of olivine and chromite, with interstitial albitic plagioclase and small grains of very Ni-rich metal (awaruite). Trains of tiny fluid-like bubbles are present especially in orthopyroxene.