Saricicek aka Bingol, 2015 Turkey Howardite Fall, Micromount


On September 02, 2015, a brilliant fireball and explosions heralded the arrival of a shower of meteorites over the remote countryside of southeastern Turkey around the towns of Saricicek and Bingol. Within days, local authorities and scientists from around the world began scouring camera networks and eyewitness reports to locate the strewnfield. Hundreds of small stones were eventually found by search teams and local villagers who had been alerted to the possibility of making a profit by selling stones to the hunters. The meteorites have a very distinctive, glossy, fresh, black crust. The specimens sometimes show delicate flowlines and oriented shapes. The scientists and experienced hunters on the search teams knew this meteorite must be an achondrite because of it's appearance, and broken stones exposed an inner matrix that was consistent with an HED achondrite - sparse or absent metal, grey groundmass with contrasting black and white brecciation.

Initial analysis has shown this meteorite to be a howardite from the asteroid Vesta, although formal classification by the Meteoritical Society is still pending as of this writing. Final classification and approval is expected soon. Small amounts of this meteorite have begun to appear on the collector market under the names of "Bingol" or "Saricicek".

Bingol is the first witnessed fall howardite to be available to collectors since the Kapoeta fall over Sudan in 1942. Howardite falls are quite rare, with only three such events in the last 75 years - the others being Kapoeta (Sudan, 1942) and Lohawat (India, 1994). Lohawat is held by the Geological Survey of India and is unavailable to collectors.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a single small fragment like the one shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.

Note - You are purchasing ONE fragment. Your fragment will be selected from the same lot shown in the photo.

UPDATE : On 02-22-16 the Meteoritical Society approved this meteorite with the official name "Saricicek" which means "yellow flower" in Turkish.

From the Meteoritical Bulletin entry on Saricicek :

State/Prov/County: Bingol

Origin or pseudonym: Sariçiçek
Date: 2015 Sept 2
Latitude: 38°54.10'N
Longitude: 40°36.01'E
Mass (g): 15242
Pieces: over 340
Class: Howardite
Shock stage: S3
Weathering grade: low
Classifier: M. Zolensky, JSC
Type spec mass (g): 27
Type spec location: UIst
Main mass: A 680 g meteorite is with finder
Finder: Finder of the specimen studied here #SC12 is Mehmet Nezir
Ergün, Saricicek
Comments: Pronounced Sari-Chi-chek, meaning "yellow flower".;
submitted by P. Jenniskens (SETI Institute)