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Seymchan Pallasite Pendant, Celestial Stained Glass, 50 cts


This stunning pendant is made of extraterrestrial pallasite - a rare type of meteorite that has gem-quality peridot crystals (olivine) set in a matrix of gleaming nickel-iron. Pallasites are prized for their beauty and the best aesthetic examples are sometimes made into jewelry such as this pendant. Specimens like this one are true examples of celestial stained glass. Pallasites represent the core-mantle boundary zone of a large asteroid that was shattered by a collision in the distant past.

The pallasite is called "Seymchan" and it originates from a 1967 find in Russia. This specimen has been expertly cut and polished to a mirror finish. It is very stable and it is a beautiful piece with beautiful olivine crystals that glow when brightly lit. This pendant has a sterling silver bail and the pallasite cabochon measures approx. 3.5cm x 2.5cm x 2mm (or about 1.4 inches by 1 inch). The bail can accept a necklace chain up to 4mm in diameter. The pallasite cabochon weighs 10 grams, or 50 carats (not including the weight of the bail).

Refer to the photos. You get the pendant shown. Note - the necklace chain is not included. You supply your own necklace to hang it from. Your purchase will include a Certificate of Authenticity and a display box with glass viewing lid.