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Witnessed Falls Meteorite Collection, 36 Different Specimens and Display Case


(NOTE - these collection kits are custom made to order for each buyer. There is a 3-5 business day lead time on this item before I can ship it out - please keep this in mind when ordering and take this delay into account.)

This is a collection of 36 witnessed fall meteorite specimens.
These meteorites were selected from my personal collection. As a dealer, I try to offer a wide variety of types and localities for collectors. Each collector has their own area of interest and my personal interest is witnessed falls. I collect witnessed falls because they are well-documented and often have human interest stories attached to them. Over time, I have tried to acquire as many witnessed falls as possible, with a focus on historical falls and "hammer falls" that struck manmade objects.
Part of the collection-building process involves upgrading existing specimens to larger or more desirable pieces. I am now thinning out my personal collection of witnessed falls to remove redundant localities and pieces. I have used these culled specimens to create this one-of-a-kind offering. You will get 36 different witnessed fall meteorites in a large display case. Each specimen is individually labeled and stored in an acrylic gemjar. The display case measures 8 x 12 x 2 inches.
There are also two "impact artifacts" which are samples of material damaged by two famous "hammer fall" events - Cheylabinsk Russia and Cali Colombia.
Many of the specimens in this collection come from rare localities that are difficult to acquire. Some of these localities are almost-never seen on the market.
Refer to the photos. Please forgive the glare in the photos, it is difficult to photograph the large sheet of glass in the lid of the case. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the display and collection shown.
Listed below are the specimens included in this collection (in no particular order). You get all of the pieces listed. Each specimen is a micromount that consists of one or more small fragments that may vary slightly in appearance from those shown in the photos.
Aguas Zarcas - (CM2, Costa Rica, April 23, 2019) - rare carbonaceous chondrite fall that damaged homes.
Aba Panu - (LL3, Nigeria, April 19, 2018) - pristine unequilibrated chondrite from the early solar system.
Benenitra - (L6, Madagascar, July 17, 2018) - one of only two meteorites from this island nation.
Benguerir- (LL6, Morocco, November 22, 2004) - recovered from Saharan Desert in Morocco.
Bjurbole - (L/LL4, Finland, 1899) - historic Finland fall of a rare petrologic type.
Cali - (H/L4, Colombia, July 06, 2007) - rare type hammer fall, struck a house.
Cali Impact Tile - impact artifact ceiling tile sample from the Melecio household.
Carancas - (H4-5, Peru, Sept 15, 2007) - impact created a large crater and damaged homes.
Chelyabinsk - (LL5, Russia, Feb 15, 2013) - world-famous impact shockwave that damaged an entire city.
Chelyabinsk Glass - shattered window glass broken by the Chelyabinsk shockwave.
Beni M'Hira - (L6, Tunisia, January 08, 2001) - recovered from the North African desert where Star Wars was filmed.
Gao Guenie - (H5, Burkina Faso, 1960) - thousands of stones rained down on villages.
Berduc - (L6, Argentina, Apr 07, 2008) - terrifying meteorite fall that damaged many homes.
Holbrook - (L/LL6, Arizona, July 19, 1912) - historic shower pelted a small town, rare type.
Jilin - (H5, China, March 08, 1976) - one of the largest stony meteorites ever recovered.
Juancheng - (H5, China, Feb 15, 1997) - hammer fall that hit a house and landed in a cookpot on the stove.
Katol - (L6, India, May 22, 2012) - anomalous green meteorite, witnessed hammer fall struck a building.
Kilabo - (LL6, Nigeria, July 21, 2002) - spectacular widely-witnessed fall and crater-maker.
Thuathe - (H4/5, Lesotho, July 21, 2002) - the only meteorite ever recovered from this tiny nation.
Leedey - (L6, Oklahoma, Nov 25, 1942) - meteorite recovered by the legendary Harvey Nininger.
Mreira - (L6, Mauritania, Dec 16, 2012) - daytime fireball witnessed by school children.
New Orleans - (H5, New Orleans, Sep 23, 2003) - a witnessed hammer fall that struck a house and destroyed a desk.
Nkayi - (L6, Zimbabwe, March 01, 2009) - most of the meteorite was eaten by villagers.
Norton County - (AUB, Kansas, Feb 18, 1948) - historic world's largest aubrite fall.
Tirhert - (Eucrite, Morocco, July 09, 2014) - rare type from the asteroid 4 Vesta.
Oued el Hadjar - (L3.8, Morocco, March 1986) - was sacrificed on a wedding altar.
Ochansk - (H4, Russia, August 30, 1887) - historic fall from pre-Soviet Russia.
Park Forest - (L5, Illinois, March 26, 2003) - spectacular hammer fall damaged homes and cars.
Tatahouine - (Diogenite, June 27, 1941) - Historic and unusual green meteorite from asteroid Vesta.
Saratov - (L4, Russia, Sep 06, 1918) - historic fall that is rich in chondrules.
Sulagiri - (LL6, India, Sept 12, 2008) - fragile stones fell over a large populated area.
Suizhou - (L6, China, April 15, 1986) - widely-witnessed daytime fireball and widespread fall.
Tamdakht - (H5, Morocco, Dec 20, 2008) - witnessed and recovered from the High Atlas Mountains by nomads.
Xining - (L5, China, Feb 11, 2012) - recent fall seen by thousands of witnesses in China.
Zag - (H3-6, Morocco, Aug 4/5, 1998) - one of only two meteorites to contain water and salt.
Oued Sfayat - (H5, Algeria, May 16, 2019) - recovered by sheperds after a shockwave.
NOTE - Please note, some of these meteorites are very rare and my stock may be limited on these. I reserve the right to make occasional substitutions on individual specimens that may be out of stock. Substituted specimens will be of equal rarity and value.