Yucca Buck Mountains Meteorite, Uncut Fragment, 2.1g



Franconia meteorites were first recovered out of the Mojave Desert of Arizona and classified in 2002. Since then, several other distinctly-different types of meteorite have been found there, representing many separate falls. The most common Franconia find is the H5 chondrite that is well known to collectors. Other named finds from this same region include the so-called "Franconia irons", Sacramento Wash, Yucca, Buck Mountains, and Palo Verde Mine. Due to the unusually-concentrated number of different find types in this same strewnfield, Franconia and it's environs are the subject of ongoing scientific scrutiny. The Yucca and Buck Mountain areas of the strewnfield have produced their own petrologic types and have been designated as DCA's by the Meteoritical Society (Dense Collection Areas).

The specimen being offered here is likely paired with the Yucca 032 and/or Buck Mountains 004 finds. Yucca 032 has been classified as an H3-5 brecciated meteorite. Buck Mountains 004 has been classified as an H3-6 breccia. Both finds are likely paired to each other and multiple lithologies within the same groups of stones accounts for the slight differences in classification types. Both of these finds are rich in chondrules, metal flecks, and have occasional melt pockets/veins. I acquired this specimen directly from the finder whose team originally found them and had them classified.

The specimens being offered here are uncut fragments that are "as-found" - they have only had a light cleaning with a soft brush. Individual weights vary, but they average approx. 1-3 grams each. This offer is for ONE fragment.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing ONE fragment selected from the larger lot shown. You will receive the largest specimen remaining. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.