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Zagami, Historic Martian Meteorite Fall, Micromount


On October 3, 1962, a fireball exploded in the daytime sky over rural Nigeria. A falling meteorite landed ten feet away from a startled farmer who was also hit by the shockwave of the exploding bolide. The meteorite was taken to a museum, where it stayed for some time before a western meteorite dealer acquired some which was made available to collectors. For many years, this was the only widely-available Martian meteorite fall for collectors. Now, the supply of available specimens has dried up and it has become a sought-after locality. Zagami also represents the single largest Martian meteorite ever recovered.

I acquired a small supply of fragments from a dealer who cut some into slices. The largest pieces will be sold individually, while the smaller pieces will be used to make micromounts. What I am offering here is a small micromount-sized fragment (a few milligrams). 

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a single small fragment like the one shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.