Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood, Display Specimen, .5kg

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This is a hand-selected petrified wood chunk. This specimen is from a private locality in Arizona. This specimen is a fine display or cabinet piece. It has nice size, heft, coloration, and grain. It has everything you want from a piece of petrified wood. The buyer can decide if they want to cut and polish it, but it looks great as-is.

Rainbow petrified wood is known for it's beautiful orange, red, and yellow colors when polished. It likely originates from an extinct species of conifer tree that existed in the Triassic period approx. 225 million years ago.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. It weighs 715 grams and measures approx. 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches. Your purchase will include an ID label.