Meteorite Pendant, Polished Fusion Crust Cabochon, 17cts


This is a pendant featuring a polished meteorite cabochon set with silver bail. The meteorite is an unclassified Saharan chondrite that has been cut and polished by me. I acquired this stone way back in 2009 and it has been part of my collection ever since. It has nice fusion crust on it and the cut face shows a wealth of clasts, chondrules, and shiny metal flecks. 

This pendant measures approx. 29mm x 15mm x 5mm and weighs approx. 3.47 grams (17+ carats). 

Refer to the photos. You are purchasing the pendant shown. Note, the necklace is not included - you supply your own chain or cord. Your purchase will include an ID label.