Micromount FAQ

What is a micromount meteorite ?

A "micromount" meteorite is a sample-sized specimen of a particular meteorite that usually weighs less than one gram. A micromount is a good way to take a rare or exotic meteorite type for a "test drive". The micromount is big enough to see, handle, and examine, but small enough to be purchased on a budget without breaking the bank. Some exotic meteorite types like lunars ("Moon Rocks") and historical falls can cost upwards to $1000 per gram, so a micromount of such rarities may be the only affordable option for many financially-strapped collectors. Other meteorite types are more common and a micromount of these common types will be larger, so a micro might be all you need to have that specimen represented in your collection. Rock and mineral collectors are already familiar with micromounts, and they are also called "thumbnail specimens" in the rockhound world.

So what kind of micromount specimen do you get for $5 ?

It depends on the rarity of the fall or type involved. Some common types, like NWA ordinary chondrites, will weigh upwards to 1 full gram. The specimen can be in the form of a part slice, endcut, fragment, or several smaller pieces put together - again, it depends on how rare that particular specimen is, and how much of it that I have in stock. As a general rule of thumb for most $5 micromounts, you will get a nicely-sized piece that shows the lithology of the type and is substantial enough to handle and examine.

So what kind of "rare" specimen do I get for $6 and up ?

It depends on the specific fall/type and my supply of that specimen. Obviously, you aren't going to get a big lunar or martian for $6. For rare falls and planetaries, your specimen will be weighed in milligrams and not grams. It will be bigger than a speck, but it won't be as big as the common $5 micros. With most of the rare ones, you'll get a crumb that is big enough to identify, handle and examine - but just don't drop it in the carpet. The rarest exotic meteorites may come as a single speck - in such cases, this will be clearly shown in the photos for that micromount.

What comes with my micromount purchase ?

All micromounts, regardless of type, come with a quality 1.25" gemjar (the bigger jars) - the good kind with tight fitting lids that don't need tape to stay closed. A paper label identifying the name, type, country of origin, and date of find/fall is included inside the jar, under the foam, facing out from the bottom. Just flip the gemjar over to read the label. I prefer this method of labelling because you can easily re-use the gemjar without having to clean off adhesive residue from sticky labels or permanent marker writing. Just remove the paper label and you can use the gemjar for any of your specimens.

Can you explain the photo shown for the micromount ? What are those fragments shown ? What is the black cube in the picture ?

On this website, for most micromounts, you will see a photo of a pile of fragments or crumbs next to a scale cube. This is my supply of that particular meteorite, and your micromount will be selected from it. You will get the biggest/nicest piece remaining from the lot shown, with the first customers getting the best pieces and the last customers getting the dwindling remnants. If you would like to see exactly what your specimen will look like - email me and ask. I will prepare your specimen, photograph it, and promptly email the photo to you. Then you can decide if you want it. I use this system so I don't have to prepare, photograph and store many hundreds of micromounts at the same time, which is too laborious and confusing. The black cube shown in the photos is called a "scale cube" and it measures exactly one centimeter square. The cube is shown for size comparison purposes and it is not for sale.

Where do you get your meteorites from ? Are they genuine ?

I purchase the majority of material (about 95% of it) from Meteoritical Society members. I don't buy material from unknown or dubious sources and I only purchase from reliable dealers and importers. So, if I wouldn't put a specimen into my personal collection cabinet for keeps, then I wouldn't offer it for sale either. You can be confident in the integrity and authenticity of your purchases. In the unlikely event something turns out to be wrong later, then I will issue a full refund or credit that includes return shipping.

I just received my package and it has extra items I did not pay for, was this a mistake ?

Regardless of how many or how few micros you purchase, you will also receive freebie bonus items. Even if you purchase just one $5 micromount - you will get an extra freebie micromount! Each and every order, without exception, gets free bonus items. What I include as bonus will vary and depends on what I have in stock. You may be quite surprised by what is included for free. I do this because a couple of dealers did it for me when I first starting out as a new collector - it was great fun and it made a positive impression on me. It also made me feel appreciated as a customer and collector. So now I like to return that favor. :)

Why buy micromounts from Galactic Stone ?

I want every collector, regardless of their budget, to have the pleasure of sampling rare falls and exotic types. You don't have to dodge bid snipers and get lucky on auctions - I will always have the micromounts you want. You can buy directly from this store without waiting. This website has a built-in shopping cart and checkout system. You can purchase your specimens instantly and have them in your hands in less time than it takes for the average eBay auction to close.