NWA 6289, Attractive LL4 Chondrite, Polished Slice, 5g

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The NWA 6289 meteorite was recovered out of the Saharan Desert of Morocco in 2010. It was analyzed and classified by Dr. Tony Irving at UWS. It is a LL4 chondrite with a shock rating of S2 and a weathering grade of W1. This meteorite has an attractive matrix that is filled with clasts, inclusions, chondrules, and metal flecks. Visually, it reminds me of a Rumuruti-type meteorite. 

This specimen has been professionally cut and polished. It has a mirror finish on one side and is matte on the other. It weighs approx. 5 grams.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. Your purchase will include an ID label.