NWA 8472, Unequilibrated LL3 Chondrite, Micromount

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NWA 8472 was recovered out of the Saharan Desert of Morocco in 2014. It consisted of a single stone weighing 391 grams. It was analyzed by Dr. Alan Rubin at UCLA and it was classified as an LL3 chondrite. It has a profusion of tightly-packed chondrules, occasional inclusions, and sparse metal flecks.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a small fragment like the one shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.

From the Meteoritical Bulletin entry on NWA 8472 :

Northwest Africa 8472 (NWA 8472)
Purchased: May 2014
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL3)
History: Purchased from a dealer in Morocco in May of 2014 by A. Jonikas
Physical characteristics: one stone contianing weathered fusion crust, cut surface reveals very closely packed chondrules of various shapes and sizes and a small dark carbonaceous clast set in a grayish-brown matrix
Petrography: (A. Rubin, UCLA) Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows that chondrules lack clear glassy mesostasis. There are numerous grains of polysynthetically twinned low-Ca pyroxene. Chondrules are large, averaging ~600 μm in diameter, consistent with LL. There is very little metal present, consistent with LL. Even though the rock is W4 and most of the metal has been weathered, there is not that much limonite, indicating that there was little metal initially.
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL3); subtype estimated >3.5 due to chondrules lacking clear glassy mesostases.