Russian Meteorite Lot of Five, Vyatka, Souslovo, Tsarev, Saratov, Pallasovka

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This is a lot of five (5) Russian meteorite micromounts. These five specimens represent a good sampling of Russian localities for collectors. The only reason I didn't include Chelyabinsk in this lot is because my stock of it is running very low and I do not have enough. If you already have Chelyabinsk, this lot would make a great companion for it, or if not, then it's a great way to start a collection of Asiatic or Russian meteorites.

Included in this lot :

1) Souslovo, (L4, 1996 "wheel chock" find), this is a nice little windowed fragment with a cut face. (.027g)

2) Tsarev, (L5, 1922 find), fragment with window. (.045g)

3) Vyatka, (H4, 1992 find), fragment. (.028g)

4) Pallasovka (Pallasite, 1990 find), capsule of olivine/shale shards (.071g)

5) Saratov (L4, 1918 historic fall), capsule of small fragments. (.020g)

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all six (6) of the specimens shown. Your purchase will include ID labels and gemjars.

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