Texas Meteorite Lot of 7, Briscoe, Dawn, Dimmitt, Odessa, Pony Creek, More.

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This is a lot of seven (7) Texas meteorite micromounts.

You get all of the specimens shown. Each one includes an ID label and gemjar.

This lot includes : (in no particular order)

1) Dawn(a) - (H6, 1981 find, Randall county), 20mg, small fragments in capsule.

2) Briscoe - (L5, 1940 find, Briscoe county), 21mg, windowed fragment.

3) Dimmitt - (H3.7, 1942 find, Castro county), 138mg, fragment.

4) Pony Creek - (H4, 1947 find, Runnels county), 2mg, tiny fragments in capsule. (The last of my stock)

5) Odessa - (Meteorite crater, Ector county), pulverized crater sand sample in capsule, 219mg.

6) Travis(a) - (H5, 1889 find, Travis county), 10mg, fragment.

7) Tulia(b) - (L6, 1917 find, Swisher county), 23mg, fragment.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all of the specimens shown.