10 Million Year Old Paperweight Fossil

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This is a fossil dugong (Metaxytherium Floridanum) rib section that was recovered from the Peace River in the Bone Valley formation of Florida (Miocene Period, approx. 5-23 million years old). As far as fossils go, these dugong ribs are very common. Every time I go fossil hunting, I bring home a few of these and now I have a big box of them.

I started using one of these ribs as a paperweight on my desk and I thought others might want to do so as well. It makes an interesting conversation piece and is the oldest paperweight you will ever see.

You get one of these rib sections in this offer. Note, each rib is different and the appearance will vary from the one shown. Each one is approx. 4-8 inches long and weighs approx. 1 pound (approx. 500 grams).

Also note that these are quite heavy and overseas shipping to buyers outside the US will be more expensive than the rib itself.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a specimen like the one shown.