Bumblebee Jasper, Java Indonesia, 1cm Scale Cube

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This offer is for one (1) cube of polished "Bumblebee" Jasper. This colorful material comes from Java Indonesia. It is a misnomer that it is called "jasper", since it is actually a fibrous form of calcite. But then again, "jasper" is just a form of chalcedony which is in turn a form of quartz. Mineral nomenclature is weird like that.

These cubes have been cut and polished on all sides. They measure very close to 10mm (1cm) each. Of course, they are not perfect and some are 9mm or 11mm. They are close enough to be good for general  photographic scale purposes. There may also be slight imperfections in the polish on some of these, as you can see in the photos.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for comparison purposes and is not included. You are purchasing ONE (1) cube selected randomly from the larger lot shown. Your purchase will include a gemjar for safe storage.