Canyon Diablo Crater Geology Kit, Boxed Set of Specimens

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This boxed set of specimens features representatives of four distinct zones of the world-famous impact crater structure near WInslow Arizona. This massive crater is also known as "Canyon Diablo Crater", "Barringer Crater", and "Meteor Crater". It is over a mile wide and represents the world's best preserved impact crater. The interior and immediate surroundings of the crater were used by NASA to simulate off-world missions to places like the Moon and Mars. 

In this set you get four (4) specimens : iron meteorite, Kaibab dolomite, Moenkopi mudstone, and Coconino limestone.

Each represents a different layer of the crater and period of time. Each specimen is thumbnail-sized and large enough for study.

Each specimen comes in it's own individually-labeled gemjar case. An informational key to the specimens is affixed to the inside lid of the storage box. It is an ideal gift for the planetary geology enthusiast or collector of Canyon Diablo memorabilia.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a boxed set like the one shown. Note, individual specimens will vary slightly in appearance.