Dhofar 1724, Oman H4, Chondrule Loaded, Micromount

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Dhofar 1724 was recovered as a single 1.7kg stone from the Zhufar region of Oman in 2010. It consisted of a single, irregularly-shaped stone that was about the size of small melon. It was analyzed and officially classified as a H4 chondrite that is lightly shocked (S2) and moderately weathered (W3). It has a pale, light-brown matrix that is packed with tiny chondrules of various sizes and colors. While the outward appearance of this stone is not impressive at first glance, it would make some really nice thin sections given the number of chondrules present. 

This is a good example of an obscure find you just don't see on the market. It's also a great example of a chondrule-loaded H4 type.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a single small fragment like the one shown. Your purchase will include an ID label.