Durango, 1804 Mexican Iron Meteorite, Shale Micromount

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Durango is an iron meteorite that was found in the Durango state of Mexico. The date of the initial find is in dispute. The Meteoritical Bulletin has the date of recovery as 1804. The legendary Harvey Nininger stated that the date of recovery was 1904. Either way, this is a very old meteorite. What remains of the Durango meteorite is a museum in Mexico City. In petrologic terms, Durango is classified as an iron III-AB. It is highly shocked and recrystallized.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. You are purchasing several small shale fragments like the ones shown. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.

From the Catalog of Meteorites entry on Durango :

A mass of 164kg is listed, J.C. Haro (1931).
Weight given as 167kg and date of find as 1904, H.H. Nininger (1933).
Distinct from Morito ( q.v._ ). There is confusion over material labelled
Durango from differing sources, co-ordinates of original location not known.
Shocked and recrystallised, V.F. Buchwald (1975).
Some specimens labelled 'Apoala' are identical to Durango.
Analysis, 8.00 %Ni, 20.4 ppm.Ga, 40.2 ppm.Ge, 1.0 ppm.Ir, E.R.D. Scott et al. (1973).
Oxygen isotopic composition, R.N. Clayton & T.K. Mayeda (1996).