Fossil Mortality Plate Lot, Devonian, Rich in Crinoids

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The lot being offered here consists of Devonian (approx. 350 - 400,000,000 years ago) fossil mortality plates (also know as "hash plates"). These specimens were recovered near Bardstown Kentucky (Shelby County) from Laurel Dolomite formations. These plates contain a rich mixure of invertebrates, including : brachiopods, crinoids, bryzoans, gastropods, and trilobite fragments. There are many other fossils that could be revealed with proper preparation work. 

This lot will contain several hash plates - as many as I can fit into a USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate box. Each lot will be different in number of plates and the sizes of the individual plates. 

Refer to the photos. What you see in the photos is a good representation of what you will receive - several good-sized specimens loaded with fossils. Your purchase will include an ID label.

Note - this offer is only good for US buyers. These specimens are heavy and the cost to ship them overseas would be prohibitive. The shipping price on this lot is a flat $18.