Hyalite, Fluorescent Water Opal, Thumbnail

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Hyalite is an amorphous type of Opal that is associated with volcanic activity. It is very clear and glassy and typically takes a globular form. Unlike it's more famous cousins, this form of opal rarely shows any color play. Hyalite is also known as "Water Opal", Jalite, or "Muller's Glass" - the latter after the man who discovered it.

Hyalite contains trace amounts of uranium, which makes it very mildly radioactive. It fluoresces a bright green under UV light, like "Vaseline Glass" does. The amount of fluorescence varies according to how much uranium is present - some glow strongly, some weakly.

The specimens being offered here are small thumbnails that are about the size of a US dime or nickel. 

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing ONE (1) specimen selected from the larger lot shown. You will get the largest piece remaining. Your purchase will include an ID label.