Junk Drawer Lot, Antiques, Coins, Cards, Pins, Jewelry, Silver, Trinkets

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This is a "junk drawer lot" of miscellaneous items that range in age from antique to contemporary.

Items include (but are not limited to) : US coins, foreign coins, tokens, lapel pins, keychains, pocket knives, wristwatches, mardi gras doubloons, a Maui dollar, foreign bank notes, vintage sports cards (mostly hockey), trading cards, tchotchkes, and various trinkets. Many of these items are quite old and some of them are more recent. 

There is a lot of stuff in this lot and it is too much to list out individually. Refer to the photo. You get everything shown, including the vintage wooden ruler.

Note, you don't get the wood drawer itself, just all of the contents. I will carefully bag and box up the items for shipment.