Mars Meteorite Stamp, Collector Proof Sheet, ALH 84001


This is a stamp proof sheet that features the famous Martian meteorite, ALH84001. This is the meteorite that was recovered from Antarctica and studied by scientists who found bacteria-like structures inside the sample. In August of 1996, NASA shocked the world by announcing that it had found possible proof of ancient life on Mars. This meteorite is still be researched today and the results of the tests are still being debated.

This stamp proof was issued by the nation of Guyana. The sheet has one stamp, and the rest of the sheet has a diagram showing the orbital path of the meteorite from Mars to Earth. This stamp sheet makes a great addition to any Martian meteorite display and every collector should have one. These stamp sheets are in near-mint to mint condition.

Refer to the photos. The coin is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a stamp sheet like the one shown.