NWA Meteorite Bombardment Lot of 22, Early and Rare Localities

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This is a lot of 22 (twenty two) meteorite micromount specimens. These 22 specimens represent a wide range of NWA meteorites including early low-numbered and obscure localities. Many of these are not seen on the market today. This is a good way to quickly build a collection of NWA's or to fill holes in your existing collection.

Many of these specimens represent the last of my stock for these localities. I am closing out these localities and most of them will not be made available again in the future. So this might be your last chance to get some of these old and obscure NWA numbers. All of these specimens (except for one) consist of small fragments in capsules (to keep them from scattering in the gemjar).

Included in this lot are :

1) NWA 073 (L6), .009g

2) NWA 086 (provisional OC), .046g

3) NWA 267 (H4), .031g

4) NWA 515 (L6), .023g

5) NWA 791 (L5), .010g

6) NWA 869 (L3-6), .044g

7) NWA 984 (LL4), .006g

8) NWA 1947 (L4), .003g

9) NWA 2779 (L5), .023g

10) NWA 5799 (LL4), .017g

11) NWA 6080 (LL4), .100g

12) NWA 6287 (LL5), .023g

13) NWA 6577 (Eucrite), .052g

14) NWA 6634 (L5), .055g

15) NWA 7122 (L4), .020g

16) NWA 7192 (LL4), .012g

17) NWA 7650 (L6), .017g

18) NWA 7920 (Pallasite), shale fragments, .017g

19) NWA 7998 (L5), .023g

20) NWA 8587 (L6), .008g

21) NWA 8779 (CV3), .029g

22) NWA 10692 (H4), .010g

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all of the specimens shown. Each specimen comes with an ID label and gemjar.