Park Forest Display, Famous 2003 Chicago Hammer Meteorite Fall

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On March 26, 2003, a brilliant fireball was seen by thousands of witnesses across parts of four states. A shower of meteorite stones fell across a wide area, centering on Park Forest Illinois. The commotion caused a sensation and many objects and homes and struck by falling meteorites. Meteorite hunters from across the world came to the strewnfield and combed local neighborhoods and streets for meteorites. Later analysis showed the stones to be L5 chondrites.

This handsome display box measures 3 x 4 inches and has a glass lid. It has a photow of the Park Forest fireball as captured by a local camera. Your specimen is contained inside a labeled gemjar that is removeable from the display box.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a display like the one shown. Note, your micromount fragment may vary slightly in appearance from the one shown

From the Meteoritical Bulletin entry :

Park Forest

Cook County, Illinois, USA

Fell 2003 March 26, approx. 23:50 hrs local time

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

A bright fireball was seen by numerous observers in parts of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio around midnight of March 26, 2003. Numerous stones fell, mostly concentrated in the area of the village of Park Forest. At least two houses in Park Forest were struck, as was the Fire Station. Dozens of other stones or fragments of stones were recovered in the area in the hours and days following the fall. Total mass recovered is more than 18 kg, largest stone ~3 kg in possession of finder. Description and classification (S. Simon, UChi; M. Wadhwa, FMNH; P. Sipiera, PSF): Most stones are partly to fully fusion-crusted. Some broken faces show brecciated texture, angular clasts. Cross-cutting dark veins and dark pockets may be of impact melt origin. No visible chondrules in hand sample. Abundant troilite and metal visible in some broken faces. Chondrules and maskelynite are visible in thin section. Mean olivine composition Fa24.7, mean low-Ca pyroxene Fs20.7Wo1.6. Shock stage S5.