Sands of the Sahara, Hourglass Pendant with Egyptian Saharan Desert Sand

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Shifting siroccos dancing across the distant dunes of the deep Sahara. Intrepid travelers through the ages, crossing ancient trade routes to arrive in exotic locales. This unique hourglass pendant contains genuine sand from the Egyptian Sahara desert - the same sands walked by pharaohs and slaves.

This stylish glass pendant contains a sample of desert sand collected from the Saharan Desert in Egypt. A friend of mine went on an expedition in the early 1990's to Egypt to collect Libyan Desert Glass specimens. While he was there, he collected sand and rock samples from various locations in the remote Saharan Desert. These are areas known only to local nomads who criss-cross the vast desert on camels in much the same way they did over a thousand years ago along the ancient trade routes.

This glass vial pendant measures 35mm in length from tip to tip and is approx. 6mm wide (about 1.25 inches long). The hole in the nickel plated bail is approx. 2mm in width to accept a chain or necklace of your choice (chain not included).

The pendant is double-walled with a hour-glass shape formed into it. Inside the hour-glass are grains of sand that move between the two ends of the hourglass.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You get a pendant like the one shown. Note, each sample of sand is unique, so it may appear slightly different than what is shown in the photo.