Serpent Mound Pendant, Ancient Snake Mound Site, Powerful Energies

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The Serpent Mound crater is the result of an asteroid impact that occurred approx. 280 million years ago in what is now Ohio. The violent impact struck a joint between two crust plates. This event is the only known instance of a crater-making meteorite striking a fault-line between two major tectonic plates.

Perhaps because of the composition of the asteroid impactor and/or the unique location of a tectonic plate fault, there are documented anomalies in the geomagnetic fields inside the crater and the immediate environs of the Serpent Mound protected effigy mound site. This may explain why the original mound builders and subsequent indigenous tribes were attracted to the site and why today's New Age practitioners are also drawn to the mound site which lies within the eroded boundaries of the impact crater.

According to New Age practitioners, the Serpent Mound site is the source of poweful positive energies and the site attracts a large number of these visitors each year. Now you can harness these energies in a pendant.

This unisex pendant is a glass vial with metal bail - inside the vial are fragments of meteorite impact rock from the Serpent Mound crater site. The pendant is ready to wear with a necklace of your choice (chain not included). It measures approx. 24mm in length (about one inch) and the hole for the necklace is approx. 2.5mm.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a pendant like the one shown.