Meteorite Collection, 36 Different Labeled Specimens with Display Case

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(NOTE - these collection kits are custom made to order for each buyer. There is a 3-5 business day lead time on this item before I can ship it out - please keep this in mind when ordering and take this delay into account.)

This handsome display case (14" x 8" x 2") has a black pebblegrain finish over wood and a glass lid. Underneath the glass lid in a black foam cutout (reversible to white) are 36 different meteorite specimens. Each specimen comes in a labeled gemjar. The labels are facing up in the gemjars, so the specimens can be identified easily without removing the jars from the display. Of course, each specimen can be removed and handled if desired.

This is an entire meteorite collection in one kit. This would make an ideal starter collection, outreach prop or teaching tool. It's also a good way to acquire a large number of rare types and falls to fill holes in an existing collection.

Refer to the photos. The small black cube in the first photo is a 1-cm scale cube and is shown for size comparison. The black scale cube is not included.

The following specimens are included in this kit :

Al Haggounia 001 (EL3 chondrite) - Morocco find, fossil meteorite.
Allende (CV3 chondrite) - Mexico witnessed hammer fall
Bendego (iron meteorite shale) - Brazil find.
Canyon Diablo (iron meteorite shale) - Arizona USA find.
Carancas (H4-5 chondrite) - Peru witnessed hammer fall.
Chelyabinsk (LL5 chondrite) - Russia witnessed fall. 
Durango (iron meteorite shale) - Mexico find.
Kem Kem (chondrite) - early Saharan find.
Hope Creek (LL6 chondrite) - Alaska USA find.
Wolf Creek (iron meteorite shale) - ancient Australia find.
Agoudal (iron meteorite) - Morocco find.
Muonionalusta (iron meteorite shale) - Sweden find.
Nantan (iron meteorite shale) - China find.
SAU 001 (L5 chondrite) - Oman find.
NWA 6080 (LL4 chondrite)
NWA 969 (LL6/7 chondrite)
NWA 869 (L4-6 chondrite)
NWA 7831 (diogenite) - Vestan.
NWA 7650 (L6 chondrite)
NWA 3118 (CV3 chondrite)
NWA 2779 (L5 chondrite)
NWA 6287 (L/LL5 chondrite)
NWA 8472 (LL3 chondrite)
NWA 6953 (mesosiderite)
Tagounite 019 (LL3.7 chondrite)
Sulagiri (LL6 chondrite) - India witnessed fall
Vaca Muerta (mesosiderite) - Chile find.
uNWA (unclassified) - unclassified mesosiderite.
Saratov (L4 chondrite) - Russia witnessed fall.
Zag (H3-6 chondrite) - Morocco witnessed fall.

NOTE - Please note, some of these meteorites are very rare and my stock may be limited on these. I reserve the right to make occasional substitutions on individual specimens that may be out of stock. Substituted specimens will be of equal rarity and value.