Meteorites of the United States Collection, 36 American Meteorites and Display Case

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(NOTE - each one of these collection is custom-built for the buyer. There is a 3-5 business day lead time before these kits are ready to ship. Please keep this delay in mind when ordering.)
This handsome display case (14" x 8" x 2") has a black pebblegrain finish over wood and a glass lid. Underneath the glass lid in a black foam cutout (reversible to white) are 36 different meteorite specimens. Each specimen represents a different meteorite type and comes in a labeled gemjar. The labels are facing up, so the specimens can be identified easily without removing the jars from the display. Of course, each specimen can be removed and handled if desired.
This collection is composed of meteorites from the United States of America. All 36 specimens were found within the borders of the USA and many of them are witnessed falls. There are also some historic and rare localities not commonly seen on the collector market. Some of these pieces are selected from my personal collection cabinet.
Each specimen is a micromount with a labeled gemjar, The gemjar can be opened, and the specimen inside can be removed or handled if desired. Each specimen is unique and prepared for this kit, so the actual appearance of any given specimen may vary slightly from those shown in the photo.
Your collection includes the following specimens :
Admire (find) - Pallasite recovered from Lyon county Kansas in 1881.
Arcadia (find) - LL6 chondrite recovered from Valley county Nebraska in 1937.
Battle Mountain (fall) - L6 chondrite fell on Humboldt county Nevada on Aug 22, 2012.
Berthoud (fall) - Vestan eucrite fell in a horse pen in Weld county Colorado on Oct 05, 2004.
Bonita Springs (find) - H5 chondrite found in 1938 in a Lee county Florida indian burial mound.
Canyon Diablo (find) - Iron meteorite from the famous mile-wide crater in the Arizona desert.
Canyon Diablo (find) - Impact shock pulverized rock powder from the crater walls.
Canyon Diablo (find) - Shocked ejecta pebble from the rim of the impact crater.
Claxton (hammer fall) - L6 chondrite destroyed a mailbox in Evans county Georgia on Dec 10, 1984.
Coffeyville (find) - H5 chondrite recovered from a farm in Montgomery county Kansas in 2006.
Davy(a) (find) - L4 chondrite recovered from rural DeWitt county Texas in 1940.
Etter (find) - L5 chondrite plowed up from a farm in Moore county Texas in 1966.
Foster (find) - H4 chondrite found in a Terry county Texas cornfield in 1975.
Haxtun (find) - H/L4 chondrite found in a Philips county Colorado wheatfield in 1975.
Holbrook (hammer fall) - Historic L/LL6 chondrite fell on a busy Arizona city on Jul 19, 1912.
Hope Creek (find) - LL6 chondrite found by a gold prospector outside Fairbanks Alaska in 1998.
Hyattville (find) - L6 chondrite recovered from rural Big Horn county Wyoming in 2008.
Indian Butte (fall) - H5 chondrite fell over Pinal county Arizona on Jun 07, 1998.
Lake Murray (find) - Ancient iron meteorite found in Carter county Oklahoma in 1933.
Lanton (find) - Iron meteorite recovered from rural Howell county Missouri in 1932.
Leedey (fall) - Historic L6 chondrite fell over Dewey county Oklahoma on Nov 25, 1942.
McCracken (find) - H4/5 chondrite plowed up from a farm in Ness county Kansas in 1980.
New Orleans (hammer fall) - H5 meteorite ripped through a Louisiana home on Sep 23, 2003.
Northbranch (find) - H5 chondrite recovered from Jewell county Kansas grain field in 1972.
Norton County (fall) - Historic aubrite achondrite fell over Norton county Kansas on Feb 15, 1948.
Odessa (find) - shock pulverized rock powder from the meteorite impact crater in Odessa Texas.
Oliver (find) - L6 chondrite recovered from a Kimball county Kansas farm in 1984.
Park Forest (hammer fall) - L5 chondrite showered over an Illinois city on March 26, 2003.
Park Forest (hammer fall) - broken glass from Ed Grollemong's 1997 Plymouth that was impacted.
Peekskill (hammer fall) - H6 chondrite impacted a car in Peekskill New York on Oct 09, 1992.
Pony Creek (find) - H4 chondrite recovered from rural Runnels county Texas in 1947.
Selma (find) - Huge H4 chondrite found in a Dallas county Alabama hay field in 1906.
Serpent Mound (find) - impact breccia from an Ohio indian mound inside a meteorite crater.
Wagon Mound (find) - L6 chondrite recovered from rural Mora county New Mexico in 1932.
Warm Springs Wilderness (find) - H4-6 chondrite found in Mojave county Arizona in 2003.
Yelland Dry Lake (find) - H4 chondrite recovered from White Pine county Nevada in 2007.
Please forgive the glare in the photos, it is difficult to photograph the large sheet of glass in the lid of the case. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a display and collection like the one shown.