Meteorite Type Collection, 36 Different Petrologic Types with Display Case

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(NOTE - each one of these collection is custom-built for the buyer. There is a 3-5 business day lead time before these kits are ready to ship. Please keep this delay in mind when ordering.)

This handsome display case (14" x 8" x 2") has a black pebblegrain finish over wood and a glass lid. Underneath the glass lid in a black foam cutout (reversible to white) are 36 different meteorite specimens. Each specimen represents a different meteorite type and comes in a labeled gemjar. The labels are facing up, so the specimens can be identified easily without removing the jars from the display. Of course, each specimen can be removed and handled if desired.

Meteorite collectors have different tastes and they tend to collect meteorites based on several factors - rarity, type, locality, or personal reasons like the date or exact place of the find. One of the most difficult and time-consuming collections to build is a "Type Collection", which is collecting meteorites by their petrologic type or class. For example, there are over a hundred different types of meteorites, including chondrites, achondrites, carbonaceous, iron, pallasite, planetary, Vestan, and many more. Many of these classes also have sub-types and transitional types, so building a collection of every possible type can often take years.

I have put together this exclusive Type Collection Kit which contains 36 different classes, types, and sub-types (including many rare ones that are hard to find). This is a great way to start out or to fill holes in your existing collection. Listed below are all of the types included in this kit - actual locality for each specimen will vary according to my inventory of types, which fluctuates over time as I sell out of certain meteorites and replace them with new localities. This kit also includes witnessed falls, hammer falls, and historical falls - an added bonus to any type collection.

Types included in this kit :

Chondrites :
Al Haggounia 001 - (EL3)
Carancas - (H4-5)
Chelyabinsk - (LL5)
Dar al Gani 477 - (L6)
Dar el Kahal - (H5-6)
Holbrook - (L/LL6)
Jiddat al Harasis 003 - (L5)
Jiddat al Harasis 055 - (L4-5)
Juanita de Angeles - (H5)
Korra Korrabes - (H3)
McCracken - (H4/5)
NWA 2058 - (H-Melt)
NWA 4690 - (LL3.8)
NWA 6080 - (LL4)
NWA 8720 - (R4)
NWA 960 - (H/L/LL3)
NWA 10071 - (LL3.5)
Tagounite 019 - (LL3.7)
Zag - (H3-6)
Carbonaceous Chondrites :
NWA 1232 - (CO3)
NWA 3118 - (CV3)
NWA 6216 - (CR2)
NWA 8385 - (CK5)
Achondrites :
NWA 5745 - (Ureilite)
NWA 10644 - (Lunar feldspathic breccia)
NWA 8118 - (Lodranite)
NWA 7831 - (Olivine Diogenite)
NWA 10501 - (Eucrite)
Irons :
Agoudal - (IIAB)
Bendego - (IC)
Campo del Cielo - (IAB)
Canyon Diablo - (IAB-MG)
Muonionalusta - (IVA)
Stony Irons :
Bondoc - (Meso B4)
Huckitta - (Pallasite PMG-an)
NWA 10689 - (Mesosiderite)
Jepara - (Pallasite)
Vaca Muerta - (Meso A1)

Refer to the photo. The small black cube in the photo is a 1-cm scale cube and is shown for size comparison. The black scale cube is not included. Some of these meteorites are very rare and my stock may be limited on these. I reserve the right to make occasional substitutions on individual specimens that may be out of stock. Substituted specimens will be of equal rarity and value.