Exotic Meteorites Lot, Eight Rare Types, Achondrites, Ungrouped

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This is a lot of eight (8) meteorite micromounts. These eight specimens represent some of the most rare and/or unusual petrologic types. This lot is a great way to kick start a type collection or fill holes in your existing type collection.

Included in this lot :

1) NWA 13758, (Rumuruti R3, 2017 Algeria find), fragment, (.044g)

2) Errachidia 004, (Winonaite, 2020 Morocco find), fragments in capsule (.005g) (last of my stock)

3) NWA 5745, (Ureilite, 2009 Saharan find), fragment. (.013g)

4) Chwichiya 005, (CO3, 2019 Western Sahara find), fragment (.026g)

5) NWA 801 (CR2, 2001 Morocco find), fragment in capsule, (.002g)

6) NWA 6077 (Ungrouped Achondrite, 2008 Morocco find), fragment, (.030g)

7) NWA 2999 (Angrite, 2004 Morocco find), fragment in capsule, (.005g)

8) Erg Chech 002 (Ungrouped Achondrite, 2020 Algeria find), part slice, (.012g)

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all eight (8) of the specimens shown. Your purchase will include ID labels and gemjars.