Fossil Shell Assortment Lot, Extinct Species, Millions of Years Old

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These fossilized shells were collected from the site where an ancient fossil bed was exposed during recent construction near the beach. There are some truly amazing specimens here and it was a lucky find. These shells are fully-intact or nearly-intact, and they have been completely mineralized - hence the predominant bone white coloration. Some of these species have been extinct for millions of years. The limestone rock from this area dates back to the Miocene period and this pleasing assortment of shells is a time capsule from the ancient days when Florida was completely underwater.   

Refer to the photos.  The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. The photo shows a representative lot.  Your shells will be similar or better.  You will receive a "baker's dozen" of 13 complete shells (no broken ones).

Some of the fossil species that may be present -

Conus Adversarius (family Conidae) - extinct for 2+ million years.

Fusinus Caloosaensis (family Fasciolariidae) - extinct for 2+ million years.

Plicatula Gibbosa (family Pectinidae) - commonly known as the "Kitten Paw".

Cancellaria Plagiostoma (family Fasciolariidae) - extinct for 2+ million years.

Eupleura Intermedia (family Muricidae) - extinct for 2+ million years.

Turritella Acropora (family Turritellidae) - commonly known as the "Boring Turretsnail".

Olivella Mutica (family Olividae) - commonly known as the Olive Shell.