Fossil Vertebrate Teeth Assortment, Bone Valley Florida,

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This is a lot of 10 (ten) vertebrate teeth recovered from Florida's famous Bone Valley Formation. These teeth were found in the Peace River in a deposit with mixed Pleistocene/Pliocene fossils and Holocene overburden. I could not positively identify all of these teeth and most of them have some damage which also complicates the ID process. 

You get all 10 teeth in this lot : (I tried to include my best guess on each one)

1) This is a complete tooth and a very attractive little guy (probable Camelid sp.)

2) This is a tiny complete tooth and I do not think it is a fossil. (probable Raccoon, likely Holocene in age)

3) This is a crown only. The roots are missing. (no idea what this one is)

4) The crown is missing on this one. It's roots only and probably cannot be identified. (possible Bear? molar).

5) Broken tooth. (probable Camelid sp.)

6) Broken tooth. (possible deer, llama, or camelid?)

7) Crown only, no root. (possible deer, llama, or camelid?)

8) Crown only, no root. (possible deer, llama, or camelid?)

9) Broken section of long tooth.  (possible split portion of bison or horse)

10) Broken section of long tooth. (possible split portion of bison or horse).

Find locality : Peace River, Hardee County, Florida (Bone Valley).

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You get all of the teeth shown. Your purchase will include an ID label.