World's Coolest Little Rock Collection - Gems, Meteorites, Crystals, More!

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This is a new Galactic Stone exclusive : "The World's Coolest Little Rock Collection" includes over 20 different rare and interesting specimens presented in a glass storage bottle.

This is an ideal gift for the rockhound - start a new collection or add to your existing collection with the exotic pieces included in this lot. You get everything from gemstones to fossils. You even get a rare MOON ROCK that is worth the cost of the entire lot.

You get : the collection bottle, info sheet about the specimens, and a handsome, padded black gift box.

Each bottle measures approx. 65mm x 20mm (about 2.5 inches tall) and contains the following specimens :

1) Quartz crystal (China)

2) Amethyst crystal (Brazil)

3) Bumblebee Jasper cube (Indonesia)

4) Peridot crystal (Pakistan)

5) Garnet crystal (Pakistan)

6) Iron Meteorite (Odessa crater, Texas)

7) Yooperlite stone (India)

8) Diablo Crater rock (from the famous impact crater in Arizona)

9) Lapis Lazuli cabochon (Afghanistan)

10) Tranquilityite rock (Australia)

11) Fossil Sea Shell (Florida, Pliocene Period)

12) Fossil Shark Tooth (Florida, Miocene Period)

13) Fossil Mammoth Ivory (Florida, Pleistocene Period)

14) Nininger Museum Brick (historic relic from the old Route 66 museum)

15) MOON ROCK (lunar meteorite, Morocco)

16) Marburg Schist (one of the oldest rocks in North America, Maryland)

17) Trinity Rock (from the historic Trinity Test, White Sands, New Mexico)

18) Selenite crystal (China)

19) Orange Calcite crystal (USA)

20) Madagascar Copal (Madagascar)

21) A bonus mystery specimen

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You get a bottle collection like the one shown. Note, every specimen is unique and may vary slightly in appearance. You also get the black gift box, and info sheet (not shown).