Florida Fossil Sampler Set, Bone Valley, 15 Specimens

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This Florida Fossil Set contains 15 different specimens from Florida’s fossil record.

Florida has some of the world’s most diverse deposits of Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene fossils. I have selected fifteen different examples of Florida fossils to make this collector set. I recovered each of these specimens on my fossil hunting expeditions, so you are getting them directly from the finder. You get a range of fossil types : vertebrates, invertebrates, land and marine fauna. Each specimen has an ID label.

This set includes : (in no particular order)

1) Mammoth Tusk Shard (Mammuthus Columbi, Pleistocene)
2) Snaggletooth Shark Tooth (Hemipristis Serra, Miocene)
3) Lemon Shark Tooth (Negaprion Brevirostris, Miocene)
4) Alligator Tooth (Alligator Mississippiensis, Pleistocene)
5) Alligator Osteoderm (Alligator Mississippiensis, Pleistocene)
6) Dugong Rib Section (Metaxytherium Floridanus, Miocene)
7) Sting Ray Dermal Denticle (Chondrichthyans sp., Miocene-Pliocene)
8) Sting Ray Dental Plate (Chondrichthyans sp., Miocene-Pliocene)
9) Deer Antler Stub (Odocoileus Virginianus, Pleistocene)
10) Softshell Turtle Plastron (Apaloni Spinifera, Miocene-Pliocene)
11) Turtle Shell Scute (Trachemys sp., Pleistocene)
12) Crown Conch Shell (Melongena Corona, Pliocene-Pleistocene)
13) Gar Fish Scale (Lepisosteidae sp., Pliocene)
14) Pufferfish Mouth Plate (Chilomycterus sp., Miocene-Pliocene)
15) Jewel Box Shell (Arcinella Cornuta, Pliocene-Pleistocene)

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all of the fossils shown. Each fossil specimen is individually bagged and labeled.