Fossil Bulk Lot, One Kilo Brachiopods, Crinoids, Gastropods, More.

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This lot has over one kilogram (nearly two and a half pounds) of high-quality, mixed fossils. There is a large variety of types and species represented. The majority of these pieces come from localities in the western United States. The exact species is not known for these and I lack the expertise to authoritatively identify them myself. So, I am offering them at a discounted price well below what they would cost as prepared commercial specimens.

Some of these pieces are in-situ with matrix, and others have had varying stages of cleaning or preparation. These pieces came as part of a trade from a larger collection of older fossils. There are some very nice pieces in here that would be ideal for display, collecting, educational use, or practicing your identification (ID) skills.

There are brachiopods, gastropods, crinoids, corals, and other types in this lot. You get everything shown in all of the photos. There are 21 specimens in total that weigh approx. 1100 grams (1.1kg or 2.5 pounds).

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. (it is about the diameter of a dime) You get everything shown in all of the photos.